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Our Club Officers

President-Justin Steadham
1st Vice President-Barbara Adolphson
Recording Secretary-Carol Chesler
Corresponding Secretary-Paul Chesler
Treasurer-Frank Dublo
Immediate Past President-Russ Bowermaster
Directors-Dick Adolphson
             Donna Dublo
             Kathy Fessenbecker


Justin Steadham is our President and a Consulting Rosarian.

Pinellas Rose Society
Club Background
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The Sturgeon Memorial Rose Garden

George and Ann Sturgeon moved to his area in 1961. During their long life together of 57 years, they shared many interests. One they most enjoyed was growing roses. The Sturgeons felt roses were one of God’s most wonderful creations. They became, for them, a consuming hobby. Mr. and Mrs. Sturgeon were active in the American Rose Society and both had been officers and board members of the Pinellas Rose Society. Mr. George Sturgeon became an ARS consulting rosarian and an accredited rose judge. He also served as President of the Pinellas Rose Society. They traveled extensively, judging rose shows.

In a moment of introspection, they decided that a fitting memorial would be the creation of a beautiful public rose garden which all the members of the community and visitors from near and far could enjoy. Acting on the idea, they made provisions for the establishing of a memorial rose garden and set aside funds to maintain it after their deaths.

In 1979 Ann Sturgeon passed away and she was interred at Serenity Gardens. George Sturgeon felt that there could be no more appropriate location for their memorial garden. Families visiting their departed loved one could be comforted by the living beauty of the roses blooming on the shore of the tranquil lake.

Serenity Gardens provided Mr. Sturgeon with beautiful lakefront property to be developed into the garden. With the cooperation of friends, a nonprofit corporation was formed for the funding and operation of the garden. Beds were laid out and watering and drainage systems installed. The soils in the concrete bordered beds were enriched so that the roses would thrive in this environment.

The Garden, now grown to more than 650 bushes of more than 129 varieties, was dedicated April 4, 1981. The growth and maintenance of the garden has been assisted by persons making contributions of rose bushes and living memorials.

In 1985, the garden was approved by All-American Rose Selections as a public display garden, of which there are only about 100 in the United States and only two others in Florida

Mr. Sturgeon lived to be 94 and was honored by a memorial service in the rose garden on May 26, 1992.

One of our members, George Storms, tends the Sturgeon Memorial Rose Garden. When new roses are needed, they are propagated by George Lawler, also of the Pinellas Rose Society.

When our society has a rose show, and needs roses to sell, or our annual rose sale, we have had the good fortune of being able to go to the Sturgeon Memorial Rose Garden and cut roses for those events.

In the past the Garden has been a scheduled stop for many rose garden tours. If you have not been, take a few hours and enjoy the beautiful scents and colors of this beautiful rose garden. You will find the garden at Serenity Gardens Memorial Park at 13401 Indian Rocks Road, in Largo, Florida.

Consulting Rosarians in our Society

The following are consulting rosarians accredited by the American Rose Society. They are experienced rose growers who are here to assist you with your rose growing problems. To contact any of them, e-mail the society and you will get the phone number of a consulting rosarian near you. Tampa Bay area only please.

Barbara Adolphson-Seminole,Fl
Russ Bowermaster-Bradenton, Fl.
Toni Cartisano-St. Petersburg, Fl.
Donna Dublo-St. Peteresburg, Fl.
George & Judy Lawler-St. Petersburg, Fl.
Jim & Joanne maxheimer-Thomasville, Ga.
Justin Steadham-Palm Harbor, Fl.
Willis Evans-Tampa, Fl.
The following are American Rose Society Accredited Judges
Russ Bowermaster
George & Judy Lawler
Jim & Joanne Maxheimer

You can grow beautiful roses in Florida, let us show you how